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[read more...] The singer opens up about her breakup from ex-husband Ashwin Sood.Back in the '90s, Sarah Mc Lachlan's emotional ballads were on the post-breakup song playlists of women, everywhere.Just because a marriage ends in divorce doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure.The two people in it merely failed to keep it going.But good things came out of her relationship to Ashwin as well, namely her two daughters.And these days Sarah and Ashwin manage to have a civil relationship, could perhaps even be called friends, though it doesn’t sound like that was always an option after their divorce.But she values his talents as a drummer, which resulted in their collaboration on her last album.

“Everything’s still up in the air [read more...] "Apparently that's a bit of an epidemic, so I just make light of it." In 2008, Mc Lachlan split from her husband, drummer Ashwin Sood, after 11 years."Apparently that's a bit of an epidemic, so I just make light of it." PHOTOS: Better after breakup!The 43-year-old Grammy winner admits that it wasn't always so easy to find humor in her heartache.Only in the aftermath did it become clear just how heartbroken she was over the failure of her marriage.Unlike many others she only saw the negatives in her divorce, though that has likely changed now.

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