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Note: Updating the Template Framework ( WARP ) will not result in your Template version from changing, the template and Framework have their own Versioning.Usually after you download and install a theme, you may have customized it to meet the requirements of your website.Notifications are smart and won't bother you with any messages unless an update is available for your theme.Notifications will either be for the Theme Framework ( WARP ) eg: .

In your theme settings the file verification quickly shows you all the modified and missing files in your theme that differ from the version you got from our download section.

Or, alternatively, you may be looking in the wrong place to determine version number.

The following image illustrates the default workflow for updating installed components: This section uses the Qt 5 Maintenance Tool run on OS X as an example implementation of how end users can update installed components.

Now you instantly know which files you have modified in your customization before you start updating your individual template with the new template version.

To update your theme do the following steps: Tip: If you want to modify your theme, it's recommended to create your own style.

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