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and Wikipedia, for example), to search for web pages, photos and videos without storing user IP addresses, logging user information or using unnecessary cookies.Billed as "the search engine that doesn't track you," Duck Duck Go is increasingly popular, notably among web users looking to protect their privacy.HTTPS provides encryption and authentication on the web.The standard authentication mechanism through SSL certificates is centralized and based on commercial or institutional certificate authorities.Tor Project, the non-profit organization behind the widely-used Tor anonymous network and related products, announced the release of Tor Browser 6.0.8 stable build and the sixth Alpha of the upcoming Tor Browser 6.5.Tor Browser 6.0.8 is here exactly two weeks after the November 30, 2016, release of Tor Browser 6.0.7, and it rebases the Tor-enabled anonymous web browser on the latest Mozilla Firefox 45.6.0 ESR (Extended Support Release) browser, thus fixing a bunch of important security vulnerabilities discovered lately by upstream.What's more, the browser has picked Duck Duck Go as its preferred search engine.This metasearch engine compiles results from several other search tools (Bing, Yahoo!

@kerberizer good for you, but i was using 2.1.17-4 at that time. In fact, it was silently fixed without a version bump:, could you please change source url to those provided by Git Hub (for x86_64: Tor Project/gettorbrowser/releases/download/v6.5/tor-browser-linux64-6.5_xz), because dist.domain is blocked here in Kazakhstan. As gnupg is failing to download the public key it can be done manually by this command: curl "https://edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x4E2C6E8793298290" -o - | gpg --import 2.This mechanism has proven to be susceptible to various methods of compromise. Still, we use HTTPS on our website and rely on a commercial certificate even if we acknowledge those security problems.We prefer to provide weak security, using a commercial certificate, that still works for most people.

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