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But Lenton and is colleagues said the true drivers were temperature and greenhouse gases, with the Earth's orbit playing more of a bit role.

The Jaenschwalde power plant is one of the biggest single producers of CO2 gas in Europe.

That knowledge led to the commercial production of baker's yeast, strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae bred for speedy growth. It makes short work of pumping carbon dioxide into dough, and it always delivers.

Still, the old, slow bread-making ways didn't disappear.

About 34 years ago, Frank Sugihara recalls, he and Leo Kline, a fellow microbiologist, set out to "solve the mystery of San Francisco sourdough." The two scientists were working with baker's yeast in a Bay Area lab run by the U. Department of Agriculture, so perhaps it was inevitable they'd wind up studying San Francisco's signature bread.

This crusty loaf, with its chewy bite and sharp acidulated tang, was a long way from Wonder Bread, and few tourists left the airport without a loaf.

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