Ps3 not updating games black screen

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Anyone else got a firmware update tonight and have it mess up your PS3?

I've searched and found no info on there being an update and I've been playing online for the past week (Last of Us). All I could find was someone suggesting to take out the HDD and replace it with another one (don't have an extra HDD laying around). Also, if I try to turn it off it just makes a double beep noise and won't shut off. Turn it back on and its just back at the wave with nothing else on the screen.

Copy the files from the downloaded zip file into the jar file, replacing previous files. Before you can mod Minecraft with CAF-MOD, Optimine Booast must be applied. 6# Minecraft – Can’t Save Controls Settings Go to multiplayer, connect to the localhost(In the address type localhost) and let the connection fail.

9# Minecraft – Doesn’t Run after Updating Texture Pack Delete all the folders and do a clean install. Is anyone having a problem with a black screen in the “Siege of Shanghai” campaign on PS3?I have replayed the “Siege of Shanghai “ mission 6 times, not including the other 3 times that my campaign progress was erased because of some glitch with the save file being corrupt, the last time I had unlocked all the dog tags and weapons for every level except “Suez” including the .50 Cal that didn't show up until I replayed the “Singapore” mission.This never happened the last 3 times I played it, only this time after I uploaded the new patch yesterday. It's very annoying, I've had the corrupt save game problem, now this one.Poor service, on what is looking to be a promising game, however if it continues I won't be buying the premium DLC.

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