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“Vet reports all is well and no reason for concern.

“April is posturing quite a bit which is keeping us on our toes!

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The calf’s movements can be seen on the live feed but there’s little sign that April is about to give birth.10pm GMT: Park owner Jordan Patch has told Facebook followers that staff now believe the movement was the calf repositioning itself. We want this progression and we want the animal to start lining up for its exit or, as we would say, entry into the world.”8pm GMT: Park owner Jordan Patch told Facebook followers how staff had thought April was going into Labour.As the world continues to wait for April to go into labour at long last, here are the latest updates from her live stream and the Animal Adventure Park.TO CONTINUE TO FOLLOW OUR LIVE UPDATES ON APRIL THE GIRAFFE - CLICK HERE4pm BST: April is slowly strutting around her pen and waiting for the moment her baby arrives.If you do have an infection your partner should wear a condom to ensure he doesn't become infected too. Studies have also shown that in a normal, healthy pregnancy, there's no link between having sex and premature birth.

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