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Although Justin Bieber is the king of rumored (and confirmed) relationships, Joe Jonas comes in at a strong second.

From his early loves who inspired quintessential tween pop songs to high-profile breakups — *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* — it seems that Joe’s love life has been through the ringer. At the ripe ‘ol age of 24, Joe seems to finally be settling down, but still has a hefty list of exes who many may (or may not) have forgotten about.

She now stars in the Jonas Brothers' Disney series JONAS as Stella Malone, the brothers' designer and childhood friend.

Read Full Story Disney actress Chelsea Staub attended the 3rd annual ' Power of Youth' event at Paramount Studios last week, on December 5th, 2009.

And tonight, and throwing them into one." That's nice, but we're pretty sure there's a better show to be made about the hot women Joe dated, dates, and, most importantly, will date in the years to come. And, I lost my verification when I changed my name, but working to get it back. People struggled with pronouncing and spelling 'Staub.' Got tired of 'Stab' and 'Stub,' so "Chelsea Kane" makes life simpler.She is best known as Stephanie from the DCOM, Minutemen and Meredith from the Bratz Movie.The Phoenix native -- who also kinda looks like Ashley Tisdale-slash-Stacy Keibler? There's no solid proof, natch, but there IS solid circumstantial evidence (in the form of reports that the "couple" once "shared a bag of potato chips" and briefly held hands) which, if you ask us, is more than reason enough to hate her/wish you had her life. Actress and singer Chelsea Kane is doing pretty well these days, with a handsome boyfriend (professional Angeleno Stephen Colletti) and a starring role on Disney's animated series Fish Hooks. Kane these days instead of Chelsea Staub — the name she used when she was in Bratz: The Movie and Jonas L. Chelsea was born Chelsea Kane Staub, but she explained via Twitter, "People struggled with pronouncing and spelling ' Staub.' Got tired of ' Stab' and ' Stub... These pictures show Chelsea Staub locking lips with co-star and teen heart throb Joe Jonas.

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