Jim brown and raquel welch dating

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I shall always be eternally grateful for the spread. He would be last last guy I would ever suspect..... Did Brown go the casting couch route like practically all other Hollywood actors? He was the first actor to get this little 'gay boy in training' all hot and bothered after I saw him in HIGH TIME and NORTH TO ALASKA. Another classical allusion - Pandora slams her box shut! First time no dick, the second with dick and the answer to my teen boy dreams. Best celeb to come in was Ann Southern with son Georgie. A girl in my dorm had the Playgirl calendar and I would always sneak a peak at Mr. I was hot for him when I saw 100 Guns with Raquel Welch. I thought Raquel was hot too but I was really tingly for Jim Brown. Apparently he put his tongue in her ear and she went ballistic. I'm glad Jim Brown is finally getting his due here!

Is he one of the few in Hollywood that's 100% straight? That Jim Brown Playgirl spread and the one with Fabian both brought me so much 'pleasure.' I believe Brown's wife left him over this. And a good example of an average size dick in comparison to the equally hot Brown's which is indeed big (huge is hard to say when we are speaking of the flaccid). I actually shoplifted that issue from a grocery store in NH when I was visiting my grandparents. i wonder if the NFL's greatest player knows how much joy he furnished! I don't think even Marilyn Monroe could hold a candle to him! She bought a ton of candy then insisted on a diet drink. She was a hoot."I worked in a movie theater on Hollywood Blvd while I was attending UCLA. Brown wouldn't speak to anybody - had his minion do all the talking. A camera man friend on the set said it took forever to get thru that scene. How many times have I moaned about the trend he didn't start! I also want Fabian to fuck me and not strike me in the face like his ex-wife.

Native American bank robber (Burt Reynolds) and Black American lawman (Jim Brown) join up with a female Mexican revolutionary (Raquel Welch) to help save the Mexican Indians from annihilation by a despotic military governor.

What it lacks in political correctness it makes up for in fits of action.

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Other macho jocks of his genre would balk at taking off their neckties in such circumstances. That PLAYGIRL spread must have sent shockwaves across the entertainment and sports world. He wanted to be BAD."Was this after the PLAYGIRL spread, and if so, how many guys followed him into the men's room? There have ben posts here on Data Lounge of the show -it-all that appeared in the German magazine Der Stern (not primarily a gay or sexual publication). The stuff a gay fantasies a hot, hung black football player. I read that during the filming of 100 Rifles Brown had a love scene with Raquel.Centers on DJay (Terrence Howard), a thirtysomething Southern hip-hop artist and hustler who enlists a cross section of the local community to help him realize his dreams of making a record.When he hears that a superstar rapper (Ludacris) is coming to town, he gets ready for the hustle of his life. When New York's hottest deejay Darrell (usher) saves a mob boss's life, he is rewarded for his bravery with the job of watching over the don's beautiful daughter Dolly (Emmanuelle Chriqui).Plus I think there was an incident where they had a fight and he threw her out of a window. If you can't see that Brown has a big dick than you are being hopeless cock-contrarian, a bitch's kneejerk response to another man's finding anything impressive about another man."It was a time of sexual liberation and some people were really enjoying it."What's so "liberating" about taking your clothes off for money? I put it in a Sunday NYT and paid for the Times and got the mag. I paid for it, but I hid it in another magazine, I'm getting old, and I can't remember the other mag, needless to say. His impression was that Brown was disrespectful with respect to Miss Welch. I think he thought only Raquel would buy that Playgirl. And I want George Maharis to do it to me somewhere other than a gas sation restroom.If anything, stripping for $$$$ is more common today, in the age of internet porn R 15. I remember sitting in my grandfather's Elektra 225 and making merry with myself while the snow lazily dropped outside. I worked in a movie theater on Hollywood Blvd while I was attending UCLA. Brown wouldn't speak to anybody - had his minion do all the talking. ;)To answer the OP, the question sounds as if you think he was knowledgeable that the magazine had a large gay audience.

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