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I’ve often used variations of a song title as a catchy screen name. Because it adds personality to your profile and invites someone who shares your passion for music to stop and take a digital peek.

Don’t be surprised if he or she fills in the blanks with the second line of the song.

L here and ready to bring you the scoop from the internet dating websites. I may be one year older as of a few days ago, but I’m as immature and judgmental as ever.

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Thanks S, for being the voice of reason and drawing that conversation to a close.She will want to see your face, so shots with sunglasses and/or baseball hats might as well not even be there."A hat leads her to assume you have a balding problem that you are trying to hide," says Coloccia.Screen names beginning in the top half of the alphabet may spell success in dating, according to the researchers. researchers have previously described this phenomenon as "alphabetical discrimination," and note that lists are often in alphabetical order.That’s because high achievers with names nearer to the beginning of the alphabet have been linked to educational attainment and higher incomes. "Those in the lower quarter of the alphabet will be lost in the bottom of the pile if you start at the top," the Queen Mary and University of Texas team wrote. Negative associations from words such as "Little" or “Bugg" should be avoided in screen names, the British and American researchers said, though they said playful-sounding names such as "Fun2bwith" appeared to be effective.

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