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The demand for cameos was so great that the stone started to run out and other mediums were sought after. For 100 years, 1840-1940, the cameo was the one piece of jewelry most women owned. PLEASE NOTE that all pink cameos advertised as angel skin coral are not; they are pink conch or roselyn shell from the Bahamas. In the renaissance, Greco Roman style was predominate in the portraits, myths, and legends carved. Thru out the ages they were prized as works of art and very valuable. In the early 1800's many people visited Europe on the Grand Tour and wanted souvenirs to take back. Later in WWII men were stationed in Italy and brought back cameos for their women. Today a lot of modern cameos are being carved out of a much larger shell called the emperor helmet; this is a brown and white shell . Cameos are commonly made out of shell, coral, stone, lava, or glass. Cheaper costume jewelry cameos exist, and these are set in a base metal and made out of a molded plastic, glass, or resin.These are not hand carved and are not worth a lot of money.We share our reference material free of charge and work hard to make it accurate, but as with any research, mistakes can be made.We are not responsible for the use you make of the information here or the honest mistakes that may occur from time to time.Stones in the rings could also be set in a silver head with a karat gold band and rose cut diamonds, all typical of this time period.Hair and memorial rings were worn by both men and women.

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MAY NOT EVEN BE VEGTABLE IVORY MAY BE SOME OTHER MAN MADE ITEM. IT WAS TO HEAVY, TO SHINY AND WHEN LOOKED AT IT UNDER A LOUPE THERE WERE TINY BEADS WHERE THE POURED LIQUID HAD HARDENED OUTSIDE OF MOLD. Many times if you look close with a loop your can see tiny dark pitted places-this is the natural growth of the coral. CLICK This is a FABULOUS VICTORIAN NECKLACE WITH EARRINGS IN THE ORIGINAL BOX. The bottom cameo is 2 1/2 by 3 The others are 1 1/4 by 1 3/8. FAKE ALERT==IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THERE ARE LAVA CAMEOS BEING MADE NOW THAT LOOK JUST LIKE THE OLD ONES. THERE WERE NO CARVE MARKS AND THE SETTING LOOKED VERY OLD -EVEN HAD SOLDER IN DIFFERENT PLACES. THEY ARE VERY HIGH RELIEF.3 WKS AFTER I SENT THIS BACK THE IDENTICAL CAMEO IN A DIFFERENT FRAME CAME UP ON EBAY FROM ANOTHER STATE.2 DIFFERENT FRAMES,2 DIFFERENT STATES BUT THE SAME HIGH RELIEF LAVA HEAD. Pink conch looks very hard,pinky and will have a white head on pink background. Today shell cameos are still carved in Torre del Greco, a little village at the foot of Mt. Stone cameos are being cut in Ider Oberstein Germany and are being done by laser. These are getting so hard to find cased in their original boxes. In the 1930's the diamond industry, trying to get women to buy diamonds, started putting diamonds in cameos. There are very few angel skin coral cameos out there. There is Venus and Cupid, Psyche,a dogs, cherub riding a goat/CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICKThis is a FABULOUS CAMEO NECKLACE . The metal is a mix of Pinchbeck and 9 ct gold not marked but tested. It is pink conch in 18 ct gold not marked but tested. She looks to have a garnet or ruby in her hair The clothes are silver and gold with gold braids in her hair From 1870-80. The shell is mint with 2 tuny lines seen only on back. Cameos for years have been used as photos when there were none. THE CAMEO EVEN GOES UP AND DOWN LIKE THE REAL ONES. THE NEWEST ONE IS A MADOONA WITH HAND PRAYING FULL FACED. Sometime when a shell grows it stretches leaving natural lines in the shell. That is when the first agate was found that could be carved. Even though shells were carved from the 1500's most shell cameos were carved after the late 1700's.

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