Anti dating

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Tinder pioneered the staple we see in almost every dating app today: swipe right to like, swipe left to dismiss.

Girls had anonymity until they chose to reveal themselves to someone they liked and guys didn’t have to do all the work for once, as they no longer made the first move.Hinge became the less sketchy, less superficial version of Tinder, showing some text with each photo and only potential matches who shared a Facebook friend.But starting today, the app is ditching its swipe-based routine in an effort to be relationship app for millennials, what it's referring to as a "for the next generation."Instead of swiping, users will create a "story" on their profile that other users can comment on and tap to "like." It's a dating app that masquerades as a social network, making it slightly more user — er, dater — friendly than a traditional dating app.It is perhaps unsurprising then that a new app promising quality over quantity by delivering a single customised match to members' phones once per day has already gained over 21 million new users in New York and Hong Kong.It connects to user's Facebook accounts and uses key profile information - gender, age, educational background, religious preference, and ethnicity as well as mutual friends - to create a perfect match using high-tech algorithms.'I don't want to bash Tinder, but people mostly use it for entertainment or hook ups and it's given online dating a bad reputation and made people hesitant to be associated with online dating,' she said.

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